Save Time Installing An Oil Cooler Kit with 22mm 1.5 Thread Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapters

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 17, 2021

22mm 1.5 Thread Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter
  • m22 1.5 Thread Oil Cooler Adapter
  • For Aftermarket Oil Cooler Kits
  • Save Time On the Install
  • Mount Using Oil Filter Location
  • (2) 1/8-27 NPT Ports
  • (2) AN-10 Fittings
  • (2) Flush Mount Port Plugs
  • O-Ring for Leak-Free Seal

Looking to install an aftermarket oil cooler to your car or truck? Our Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapters makes it a whole lot easier by using the oil filter mounting location and removing any need to relocate the oil filter or tap into another source. You’ll speed up installation time and not have to make any major changes to your vehicle.

We have oil filter cooler sandwich plate adapters in several different sizes to accommodate different applications. The latest version we just added is an m22 1.5 Thread Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter. This plate adapter also has (2) 3/8-18 NPT Ports, (2) AN-10 Fittings, (2) 3/8-18 NPT Sender Plugs and an O-Ring to prevent any leaks. It’s made out of billet aluminum and engineered to give you reliable access to accurate oil pressure or oil temperature readings.

The install doesn’t get much easier. You basically remove the oil filter, install the adapter in its place, thread the oil cooler kit into the adapter, and then attach a new oil filter to the adapter. Just make sure the gasket diameter of the oil filter is 3” or less and you’re ready to go.

Oil cooler sandwich plate adapters are pretty popular with GlowShift customers. One of the reasons is because they’re also extremely useful for anyone who wants to build their own oil cooler kit. That’s why we went ahead with manufacturing this version, and we’re confident that we’re gonna get some positive feedback on them as well.