Speed Up Automotive Gauge Installation with Accessories

Posted by Matt P. on Jan 03, 2024

Automotive Gauge Installation Accessories
  • Gauge Installation Accessories
  • Designed for Cars and Trucks
  • Universal or Factory Fitted
  • Adapters, Wiring Kits & More
  • Made for Different Gauge Types
  • Save Time on Installation
  • Avoid Major Modifications
  • Spend Less Time in the Garage

GlowShift Gauge Accessories include adapters, wiring kits, weld-in bungs and more that make car and truck gauge installation even easier.

There are over 100 accessories in stock that can be used with the different Gauge Types from our inventory including Boost, Fuel Pressure, EGT Pyrometer and Trans Temp Gauges.

Many that we come up with are the result of projects we’re working on in our shop that require a shortcut to save time. There could be a specific adapter to install a Coolant Temp Gauge, or a weld-in bung for a Wideband O2 Sensor that sparks the idea for a new accessory.

We have universal versions that can be used on nearly any car or truck. No matter the make and model, you’re covered when you need an aftermarket component to sidestep a more complicated installation process.

We also have factory fitted accessories. To test these vehicle-specific accessories, we’ll bring in the car or truck it’s being designed for and perform a range of tests. After confirming full functionality, we’ll greenlight the accessory for production.

Along with saving time, another major benefit of our accessories is avoiding major modifications to your vehicle. You can access a specific port or replace a stock fitting instead of having to drill into the manifold or cut factory wiring.

Spend less time in the garage and more on the road with Gauge Accessories at GlowShift. Pick up a wiring extension for additional flexibility and added slack during an install. Or find the right adapter to bypass major work on your car or truck.