Take Up Less Space with GlowShift 3 In 1 Gauges for Diesel Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on May 15, 2023

GlowShift 3 in 1 Gauge
  • 2-3/8" (60mm) 3 in 1 Gauge
  • Made For Diesel Trucks
  • 3 Gauges In 1
  • Take Up Less Space
  • Save Installation Time
  • Analog & Dual Digital Displays
  • Sensors and Wiring Kits
  • All In One Gauge

Our 2-3/8” (60mm) 3 In 1 Gauges combine 3 different gauge types into 1 so you can monitor multiple readouts with ease. We put these combo gauges together for diesel trucks so you can take Boost, EGT, Temperature readings and more.

You get a bunch of different benefits with our all in one gauges. For starters you’re taking up less space on the A-pillar, dashboard, console or anywhere you install the combo gauge. You also save time by installing 1 gauge instead of setting up 3. By having only 1 gauge, there’s also less wiring to run and less wiring to bundle with zip ties.

The other major benefit is getting engine feedback delivered with pinpoint accuracy. You can stay on top of critical readings to catch any unusual dips or spikes and make sure your diesel engine’s running efficiently.

Another major perk … these gauges look really good. There’s a black or white gauge dial, magnified clear lens, analog LED display and dual digital LED display. The digital displays are in Blue and you can set 10 different colors for the analog display. There’s also 2 Color Cycle Modes, a Color Recall Feature and Dimming Modes.

Each 3 in 1 gauge set comes with parts needed for installation too. You’ll receive Electronic Sensors, Wiring Kits, a Mounting Bracket, Mounting Hardware and more. The result is a 3 in 1 gauge that delivers key readouts and also enhances the inside of your Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax and other diesel applications.