Universal Fuel Tank Level Sensors for Cars and Trucks

Posted by Matt P. on Sep 12, 2023

Universal Fuel Level Sensor
  • Universal Fuel Level Sensor
  • For Cars and Trucks
  • Tanks Depths 5" to 27"
  • 240 Ohm (Empty) - 33 Ohm (Full)
  • Thin, Sturdy Design
  • Stainless Steel
  • 22GA Wiring Attached
  • Mounting Bracket

Universal Fuel Level Sensors can be installed to virtually any car or truck that has a tank depth from 5” to 27”. If you’re replacing a stock fuel level gauge or building a custom dash with an upgraded fuel gauge, this aftermarket fuel level sensor was made with you in mind.

After all of the requests we got from customers, this was an extremely popular sensor to include as part of the inventory. We recently added fixed height fuel sensors to our lineup in multiple sizes, and with their success it was only a matter of time that we came out with the universal version.

Universal fuel tank level sensors are key to custom fuel cell applications like race cars, overhauled trucks running long distances or towing heavy cargo, or basically any vehicle that has been modded.

The stainless steel sensor has a slim, 1-piece design with a float that sends the electronic signal to the gauge. It can be used in tanks that have a sponge or baffles to help reduce fuel slosh. With each universal fuel sensor you’ll get accurate readings when it outputs 240 Ohm (Empty) to 33 Ohm (Fuel).

There’s also a sturdy mounting bracket and mounting bolts included to make sure this universal fuel level sensor is locked in place. The included gasket reinforces a leak-free design.

Take advantage of full-height adjustability with GlowShift’s universal fuel tank level sensor for cars and trucks. Access accurate fuel level readouts that you sometimes don’t get with a stock gauge sensor, or make it a part of your custom fuel tank.