Universal Under Dash Gauge Pods for 2 5/8” Drag Racing Gauges

Posted by Matt P. on Nov 06, 2023

2 5/8
  • 2 5/8" Under Dash Gauge Pods
  • Fit Virtually Any Car or Truck
  • Single, Dual or Triple Versions
  • Install Up to (3) 2 5/8" (65mm) Gauges
  • Discreet, Low Profile Under Dash Bracket
  • View Gauges Underneath Dashboard
  • Made Out of Steel
  • OEM Black Style

Add Under Dash Gauge Pods to the lineup of GlowShift Universal Gauge Pods that can be installed to nearly any car or truck. These 2 5/8” (65mm) mounting brackets are key to drivers building a custom dash or looking to expand on their factory instrument cluster with additional gauges.

There’s an option of Single Gauge, Dual Gauge or Triple Gauge Under Dash Bracket versions that hold 2 5/8” (65mm) gauges.

Each under dash pod is made out of steel and featured in an OEM black style. It installs right underneath the dash of your application with the included self-tapping screws. The pods are lightweight but still sturdy enough to securely hold your gauges.

We have a set of gauges that go hand-in-hand with these under dash gauge pods. 2 5/8” (65mm) Black & White Series Racing Gauges are a lineup of old-school car and truck gauges that are simple and functional and designed primarily for racing vehicles.

These analog drag racing gauges have a black gauge dial, flat clear lens and white LED through dial lighting for readings. There’s a 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge, Boost Vac Gauge, Water Temp Gauge and other types that include sensors, wiring kits and mounting hardware.

A predefined Triple Gauge Set comes with a racing Oil Pressure Gauge, Water Temp Gauge and Volt Gauge. These dirt track racing gauges are pre-installed to the Triple Gauge version of the under dash bracket.

If you have a modified car or truck, we made these 2 5/8” (65mm) Universal Under Dash Brackets with you in mind. Enhance the look of your racing application or other vehicles and monitor critical engine readouts at the same time.