Weld-In Saddle Bung Wideband Oxygen Sensor Adapter

Posted by Matt P. on Jan 18, 2024

Oxygen Sensor Adapter
  • Oxygen Sensor Adapter
  • Weld-In Saddle Bung
  • Car and Truck Wideband Gauges
  • Curved to Fit Exhaust Pipe
  • Install M18 x 1.5 O2 Sender
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Best for 2.5" & 3" Diameter Tubes
  • Access AFR Readouts

Install a standard M18 x 1.5 Thread O2 Sensor to your car or truck’s exhaust with a Wideband O2 Sensor Weld-In Saddle Bung Adapter that can be used on virtually any make and model.

This adapter for oxygen sensors was made for any driver looking to install an aftermarket Wideband Gauge to access and fine tune air to fuel ratios.

The rounded, saddle-style shape matches the curve of the exhaust pipe making it easier to mount. It’s cast from 304 stainless steel so it’s built to be durable and long lasting.

Drill a hole into the exhaust, weld in the O2 oxygen sensor adapter, and then add a compatible sender to the bung which is equipped with M18 x 1.5 threads. For the best results we recommend larger tube sizes with 2.5” and 3” diameters.

Benefits of this truck and car oxygen O2 sensor adapter design include that you’re not welding near the threads which can sometimes warp them. You’re also gaining direct access to extremely accurate AFR readouts.

The first step in closely monitoring and fine tuning your performance vehicle’s AFR is installing the O2 sender for your Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Gauge. We’ll help you make that happen with our oxygen sensor adapter.

One of the most popular O2 oxygen sensor adapters in our inventory, this Wideband O2 Sensor Weld-In Saddle Bung will help you get your Wideband Air Fuel Gauge set up. If you have any questions about installation along the way, Free Lifetime Tech Support comes standard so we’re here to assist.