What Is GlowShift 7 Color Gauge Blank Housing?

Posted by Matt P. on Aug 31, 2022

7 Color Gauge Blank Housing
  • Gauge Blank Housing
  • 2-1/16" (52mm)
  • Holds Spot Until Gauge Is Installed
  • Matches 7 Color Series
  • Black Gauge Dial
  • Magnified Lens
  • Aluminum Trim Ring
  • Mounting Bracket Included

Blank housing is basically a mock gauge that goes perfectly with our multi-gauge pillar pods and dashboards. There are lots of different reasons why this housing comes in handy, especially during installation.

If you have a 3-gauge triple pillar pod and you’re only using 2 gauges, you can pop the gauge housing into the third pod to keep the look consistent. Or if you installed the gauge pod but don’t have the gauges ready yet, these gauge blanks have you covered until you finish the install.

We have blank housing for our extremely popular Black 7 Color Series and Tinted 7 Color Series. These analog gauges feature an ultra-bright LED display with 7 Solid Color Modes and 2 Color Cycle Modes. Both versions deliver incredibly accurate readouts and look great inside your car or truck.

Black 7 Color Gauge Blank Housing has black aluminum trim ring, a black gauge dial and magnified clear lens which are key features of the Series. This gauge blank is 2-1/16” (52mm) which is standard for the 7 Color Series. There’s also a Gauge Visor to block out sun glare plus hardware for the install.

Tinted 7 Color Gauge Blank Housing lines right up with the Tinted 7 Color Series. It has the same trim ring, a black gauge dial and a magnified tinted lens. It’s also sized at 2-1/16” (52mm) with a Gauge Visor and Mounting Hardware included.

Keep in mind that neither of these gauge blanks have the analog LED displays or 7 color options. But until you have all of your gauges installed they will give you that same great look that comes with the 7 Color Series.