Why are Trans Temp Gauges for Cars and Trucks So Important?

Posted by Matt P. on Mar 31, 2023

Car and Truck Trans Temp Gauge
  • Transmission Temp Gauges
  • Made For Cars and Trucks
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Accurate Trans Temp Readouts
  • Catch Unusual Dips or Spikes
  • Prevent Transmission Damage
  • Avoid Costly Repairs
  • Save a Trip to the Garage

GlowShift Transmission Temperature Gauges are key to helping you prevent your car or truck’s automatic transmission from overheating.

These gauges are your first alert to any temperature dips or spikes that can be harmful to the transmission and cause damage. If you don’t address them right away you could end up with costly transmission repairs that sideline your vehicle.

If you drive a car or truck that puts in the work covering long distances, towing heavy loads or running at high speeds, this auto transmission temperature gauge is for you. Excessive heat can also damage transmission fluid, which is there to keep the system cool.

Our trans temp gauges read between 68° and 302° Fahrenheit depending on which version you go with. Readings are delivered with pinpoint accuracy so you’ll know exactly where the number is at any given time.

On top of tracking transmission temperature, these gauges will look great inside of your application. Select a GlowShift Gauge Series that determines the look of each gauge. Go with an analog or digital display, or both combined. Choose between a black or white gauge dial, clear or tinted magnified lens, and multiple ultra-bright LED color settings for the display.

Each transmission oil temperature gauge kit comes complete with the parts you need for installation. There’s a 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Temperature Sensor with Bullet-Style Connectors, a 2’ Sensor & Power Harness, Gauge Visor, Mounting Bracket, Mounting Bracket Hardware and more for the transmission temperature gauge install.

Keep a close eye on changing temperatures with a GlowShift auto trans temp gauge and make sure your car or truck’s automatic transmission temperatures are in the right range. Catching any issues right away could save you a trip to the mechanic and lots of headaches down the line.