Why Is a Boost Gauge for Cars and Trucks Important?

Posted by Matt P. on Mar 31, 2023

Car and Truck Boost Gauges
  • Car and Truck Boost Gauges
  • Turbo or Supercharged Vehicles
  • Modified Applications
  • Accurate Pressure Readouts
  • Protect Against Overboosting
  • Catch Boost Hose Leaks
  • Prevent Turbo & Engine Damage
  • Avoid Costly Repairs

GlowShift Boost Gauges are essential to any car or truck running a turbo or supercharger. If you’re doing aftermarket mods to your application that are increasing boost output, an analog or digital boost gauge is for you.

Turbo boost gauges are important because they keep drivers alerted to any unusual dips or spikes in boost levels. The more boost you add, the more power you’ll get if your engine is tuned to handle it. But if your vehicle is producing too much boost it can cause turbo damage or even engine failure.

On top of helping you make sure that you’re not overboosting, a car or truck boost gauge will help you increase engine efficiency, raise fuel economy and improve overall performance. Other benefits include being able to monitor for boost leaks so you can trouble-shoot on the spot.

The other thing is, these gauges look really cool inside of your car or truck. We have a range of boost gauges and boost vacuum gauges that cover everything from low boost applications and stock trucks to modified race cars. Pressure levels start at 15 PSI, and go up to 100 PSI for seriously overhauled applications.

Select a GlowShift Gauge Series that defines the look of each gauge. Go with an analog or digital display, or both combined into one gauge. Choose between a black or white gauge dial, clear or tinted magnified lens, and multiple color settings for the display. Illuminate the inside of your vehicle with ultra-bright LED boost readouts.

Pick up a boost gauge kit for your car or truck complete with a Silicone Boost Hose, T-Fitting, Hose Clamps, Wiring Kits, Mounting Hardware and more for the boost gauge install. If you go with a digital boost gauge, an Electronic Boost Sensor is also included.

Protect your application from overboosting and get the most out of your turbo or supercharger with one of our truck and car boost gauges that deliver readings with pinpoint precision.