Why It's Important To Have A Pyrometer EGT Gauge

Posted by Matt P. on Jul 28, 2022

Pyrometer Exhaust Gas Temperature Gauges
  • Monitor Exhaust Gas Temperatures
  • For Diesel Trucks That Haul
  • Two Different Versions Available
  • Readings From 0 to 1500° Fahrenheit
  • Readings From 0 to 2200° Fahrenheit
  • Protect Against Temp Spikes
  • Avoid Damage to Your Turbo Diesel
  • Comes with Parts for Installation

An EGT Gauge is installed to vehicles turning out higher exhaust gas temperatures because of a heavy workload or aftermarket modifications.

Some examples are trucks that put in overtime on the road running long distances and towing heavy loads, big turbo builds that use a lot of fuel, or cars that have been modified for more power.

When you get into these kinds of vehicles you’re generating much higher exhaust gas temps. The other side of that is if an engine is running too hot, you could end up with serious issues like melted pistons, cracked heads or permanent turbo damage.

With our EGT pyrometer gauges you can keep an eye on changing temperatures. You’ll have two different range options from 0 - 1500° Fahrenheit or 0 - 2400° Fahrenheit. The readings are incredibly accurate and responsive so you’ll know where your application’s exhaust temperature is at any time.

These are complete kits for EGT gauges so you’ll have everything you need for the install. You’ll get a 1/8-27 NPT Type K Thermocouple EGT Probe with a waterproof connector and 3’ of stainless steel braided cable, a 6’ stainless steel braided sensor harness with a waterproof connector, mounting hardware and more.

Not only do these pyrometers perform at a high level, but they will also look great inside of your car or truck. We have several different GlowShift Gauge Series which define the look of each EGT gauge.

You can choose between an analog or digital display, or go with both. Decide on a black or white gauge dial and clear or tinted magnified lens. On top of that, you’ll have a wide range of color options for the LED display.

Make sure your exhaust gas temp is where it should be with our pyrometer EGT gauges. When you go with us you’re backed by unrivaled Customer and Tech Support. We’re also here to assist anytime if you have any questions about our exhaust gas temperature gauges.