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Replacement 7 Color Series Power Harness

Replacement 7 Color Series Gauge Single Plug Power & Sensor Harness

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GlowShift's Replacement 7 Color Series Power Harness will replace the existing harness being used for your GlowShift Tinted 7, Black 7 or White 7 Color Gauge. This replacement power harness features a length of 2' and a 6 pin modular connector with 5 wires attached. The wires on the 6 pin connector are labeled and positioned as: 1 - Yellow, 2 - Red, 3 - Black, 4 - Orange, 5 - Green, 6 - No Wire.

Please refer to the list below to verify your gauge is compatible with this wire harness.

  • Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
    GS-T702, GS-C702, GS-W702
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
    GS-T704, GS-C704, GS-W704
  • Water Temperature Gauge
    GS-T706, GS-C706, GS-W706
  • Oil Temperature Gauge
    GS-T707, GS-C707, GS-W707
  • 3-3/4" Tachometer Gauge with Shift Light
    GS-T709, GS-C709, GS-W709
  • 2" Tachometer Gauge
    GS-T710, GS-C710, GS-W710
  • 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge - 2014 & Older Models with 2 Post Sensor
    GS-T711, GS-C711, GS-W711
  • 30 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge - 2014 & Older Models with 2 Post Sensor
    GS-T711_30, GS-C711_30, GS-W711_30
  • Transmission Temperature Gauge
    GS-T712, GS-C712, GS-W712
  • Dual Needle Air Pressure Gauge
    GS-T713-DN, GS-C712-DN, GS-W712-DN
  • Dual Digital Air Pressure Gauge
    GS-T713-DD, GS-C712-DD
  • Fuel Level Gauge
    GS-T715, GS-C715, GS-W715
  • 3-3/4" In-Dash Tachometer Gauge
    GS-T716, GS-C716, GS-W716
  • 3-3/4" In-Dash Speedometer Gauge
    GS-T717, GS-C717, GS-W717
  • 30,000 PSI Fuel Rail Pressure Gauge
    GS-T719, GS-C719, GS-W719
  • Differential Temperature Gauge
    GS-T722, GS-C722, GS-W722
Wire Harness
Gauge Type
Transmission Temperature
Gauge Type
Water Temperature
Gauge Type
Oil Temperature
Gauge Type
Differential Temperature
Gauge Type
Oil Pressure
Gauge Type
Air/Fuel Ratio
Gauge Type
Gauge Type
Gauge Type
Fuel Pressure
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Air Pressure
Gauge Type
Fuel Rail Pressure
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Fuel Level

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