Tachometer Signal Filter

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A tachometer filter transforms poor, weak or disordered pulse signals and corrects them by stripping out leading or trailing pulse signal interference.

This interference often confuses aftermarket instruments and causes them to act defective or erratic. After the signal has been filtered and rectified, it is then conditioned before it exits the end of the filter circuit to the new output.

A multitude of other applications may exist where an RPM signal needs to be corrected before it is fed to an aftermarket instrument such as a GlowShift Tachometer. The filter should be used when installing any GlowShift Tachometer Gauge, Digital Tachometers with Shift Lights or a Programmable Barrel Shift Light device. If you experience issues or inaccuracies with your instruments this is more than likely the solution you have been looking for!

A tach filter may be necessary when any device utilizes a vehicle’s engine RPM pulse signal that is of less than optimal quality for instrument analysis. Such systems include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Single Coil Ignition Systems
  • Point Style Coil Ignition Systems
  • Historic Vehicles with Vintage Electrical Systems & Components
  • Vehicles with Weak, Strained or Stressed Electrical Systems

Tachometer Signal Filter will only work with GlowShift Gauges and not guaranteed to work with other applications.
Tech Specs
Gauge Type: Tachometer

Includes an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of GlowShift products.

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Product Reviews

  • Worked with weird quirk

    Posted by Lionel on Nov 28, 2019

    I had my SAAS tacho hooked up to a signal wire leading to my lpg system , which led to the coil negative. It’s a single coil with distributor on an L300 express (mitsubishi). It was working perfectly when the car was free revving but once moving it was bouncing around and not accurate. Tried a 10k ohm resistor as suggested online... didn’t do much to help. Tried an LC filter, didn’t help... thought I would give this a go and I was really disappointed at first when the RPM read way too high ..about 1000rpm over at idle and by around 3000rpm it was reading 5000rpm. I decided to switch it (the tacho) to 6 cylinder mode from 4, still too high.. switched it to 8 cylinder mode. Bam. Reading perfectly. Took it for a drive. It’s spot on... very smooth and perfectly accurate. Why it needs to be on 8 cylinder mode when it’s a 4 cylinder is strange but I finally have a perfectly working tachometer: Thanks guys

  • Pulse Filter

    Posted by Rick on Aug 23, 2019

    This was an easy filter to install. The over all piece is well made. Good price. Happy

  • Needed HEI

    Posted by Devin on Apr 05, 2019

    I wound up needing the HEI filter. Glowshift support sent it to me with no additional charge! Worked great then. Installed in a 1983 Jeep Wagoneer.

  • Did not work for my application.

    Posted by Joseph A Todd on Sep 15, 2017

    I have a motorcycle tach that I was trying to reduce the noise on. This did not solve my problem.