Tinted 7 Color 200 PSI Air Pressure Gauge

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GlowShift’s Tinted 7 Color Series 200 PSI Air Pressure Gauge was made for any vehicle with air brakes, air horns or an aftermarket air suspension system installed. This mechanical air pressure gauge reads from 0 to 200 PSI with the included ⅛-27 NPT male fitting that is located on the back of the gauge.

The Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series
GlowShift’s Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series comes standard with a cutting-edge design that includes a black gauge face, low profile magnified tinted lens and illuminated red needle. Whether your gauge is on or off, it will look amazing courtesy of this tinted lens feature which is at the heart of the series and gives your gauge a unique, stealth-like appearance. The Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series comes with the ultra-bright LED solid color modes Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple and White. Also featured is GlowShift’s 7 Color through dial lighting system which allows you to select and change the color of your gauge lighting display by simply pressing the button located along the front of the gauge. Easily cycle through the 7 Solid Color Settings and 2 Color Cycle Modes that utilize all of these powerful LED colors. Through these options, you can adjust the color of the gauge to match your vehicle’s factory dash lights, or you can customize the color and add your own personal touch and style to the inside of your car or truck. Plus with the Color Memory feature, you won’t have to reset the color of your gauge every time you turn on your vehicle. Your gauge will reflect your most recent color setting the next time it is active. By connecting the orange wire of your gauge to the factory headlight switch, you’ll be able to dim your gauge 30% when your headlights are turned on to reduce the brightness while driving at night.

Mechanical Air Pressure Gauge Benefits
A truck or car air pressure gauge is a significant addition to any vehicle for several key reasons. Having precise, readily-available readings can be extremely beneficial for drivers, especially when aftermarket air systems have been installed and your vehicle is involved in strenuous activities like towing large hauls over long distances. Rather than realizing there’s a problem after you’ve lost a significant amount of pressure, a mechanical air pressure gauge will provide you with accurate readings in real time to demonstrate whether levels are slowly decreasing or running too low to begin with. This gauge will keep you up to date on the stability of your car or truck’s air systems, which in-turn provides invaluable safety benefits. So when you’re searching for the best air pressure gauge you do not need to look any further than GlowShift’s expertly crafted air pressure gauges.

Air Horns and Air Leveling Kits
Air pressure gauges work in tandem with car and truck aftermarket add-ons such as air horns and air leveling kits. In use with an air horn, this gauge will monitor the pressure levels within your horn and make sure that it is receiving enough air pressure to work at full capacity. These gauges play an extremely important role with air leveling kits as well, one which can be vital when used in conjunction with work applications. Your truck, for example, is designed for safe towing and hauling. However, when fully loaded, that weight can shift and throw off the truck’s balance, even affecting steering and breaking. Air leveling kits -- also known as air suspension kits, air springs, air bags and helper bags -- act as additional support for your truck, reinforcing the weight of the load you’re carrying. As the name of the system reflects, any additional weight added to your truck will remain level and in balance during the drive, as the system will help to adjust and compensate for the additional haul. An air pressure gauge will monitor air pressure levels in the kit’s air bags and let you know whether the pressure is within its proper range, ensuring that you’re getting the maximum benefit out of your leveling kit.

Mechanical Air Pressure Gauge Accessories
GlowShift’s single air pressure gauges for trucks and cars come with accessories that help with installation and also help you to get the most out of your gauge. A 2’ Power Harness is attached to the back of your gauge, providing extended wiring for easier installation. A gauge visor is available which attaches to your gauge and reduces the amount of sun glare as you’re taking readings. All mounting hardware required for installation is also included. The detailed instructions provided offer a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help walk you through the entire process.

Add-On Install Hose Kit
Please note that this gauge does not include an air hose. However, GlowShift’s Air Pressure Gauge Install Hose Kit is available separately and comes with everything needed for the installation. Included is a 1/4” OD - 25’ SAE J844 Black Nylon Air Brake Tubing Hose; 1/4-18 NPT Male to 1/4" Push Connector; 1/8-27 NPT Female to 1/4" Push Connector; and a 1/8-27 NPT Female 90° Adapter to 1/4" Push Connector which makes it easier for the back of the gauge to fit into a pillar pod. With this kit, you’ll be able to install your mechanical air pressure gauge and take readings in no time.

GlowShift Guarantee
GlowShift includes a one year limited warranty and lifetime tech support with every purchase.

What’s Included:
  • 2-1/16” (52mm) Gauge
  • 2’ Power Harness Attached to Gauge
  • Gauge Visor
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Note: Does NOT Include Air Hose
Gauge Features:
  • Low Profile Magnified Tinted Lens
  • Black Gauge Face
  • Illuminated Red Needle
  • Air Pressure Readings from 0 to 200 PSI
  • 7 Color LED Through Dial Lighting
  • Stepper Motor Technology
  • 7 Solid Color Settings: Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple & White
  • 2 Color Cycle Modes
  • Retains Last Color Setting
  • Dim Your Gauge 30% at Night
  • Gauge Depth Measures 1-1/2”
Install Hose Kit
Install Hose Kit
  • Easy Installation of Mechanical Air Pressure Gauge Directly to Air Tank
  • Includes 1/4” OD - 25’ SAE J844 Black Nylon Air Brake Tubing Hose & Thread Adapters
  • 1/8-27 NPT Female Straight Thread Adapter or 1/8-27 NPT Female 90° Thread Adapter Connects 1/4” Hose to the Back of the Gauge
  • 1/4-18 NPT Male Thread Adapter Connects 1/4” Hose to the Air Tank
Tech Specs
Gauge Series: Tinted 7 Color Series
Brand: GlowShift
Gauge Type: Air Pressure
Range of Reading: 0 - 200 PSI
Face Color: Black
Size: 52mm
Lens: Tinted
Backlighting Color: 7 Colors
Sending Unit: Mechanical
Measurement Unit: Standard
Display: Analog

Includes an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of GlowShift products.

Download and Print the PDF PDF Instructions View Our Help Center Help Center

Product Reviews

  • There OK

    Posted by Devron on Feb 24, 2018

    Gauge is pretty nice, there’s a few downsides to it like the gauge face being movable took me a while to figure out why the button was stuck at first, another thing is the fitting on the back for your air line is a male it should be a female it makes gauge pillar install a pain due to not enough clearance and lastly if you hit a decent size bump in the road sometimes the gauges will change colors by themselves, overall I’m pretty pleased.