Tinted 7 Color Narrowband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

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GlowShift’s Tinted 7 Color Series Narrowband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge monitors your engine's air to fuel mixture by reading the voltage output of a narrowband oxygen sensor, ensuring the ratio is at optimal levels and not running too rich or too lean. By adding an AFR gauge to any car or truck you’ll be able to assess whether a vehicle’s available fuel is being mixed with the right amount of oxygen. This narrowband air to fuel ratio gauge can also be installed with the included color coded wire harness that lets you connect the gauge directly to a vehicle’s narrowband oxygen sensor.

The Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series
GlowShift’s Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series comes standard with incredible features including a black gauge face, magnified tinted lens, and an illuminated red needle that utilizes stepper motor technology which enables extremely smooth needle movement. Whether your gauge is on or off, it will look amazing courtesy of this tinted lens feature which is at the heart of the series and gives your gauge a unique, stealth-like appearance. The Tinted 7 Color Gauge Series includes the ultra-bright LED solid color modes Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple and White. Also included is GlowShift’s 7 Color Lighting System which allows you to select and change the color of your gauge lighting display by simply pressing the button located along the front of the gauge. With the 7 Solid Color Settings and 2 Color Cycle Modes that utilize every dynamic LED color, you can customize the look of this narrowband AFR gauge and add your own personal touch and style to the inside of your vehicle. Plus with the Color Memory option, you won’t have to reset the color of your gauge every time you turn on your vehicle. Your gauge will reflect your most recent color setting the next time it is active. By connecting the orange wire of your gauge to the factory headlight switch, you’ll be able to dim the gauge 30% when your headlights are turned on to reduce brightness while driving at night.

Who Needs A Narrowband Gauge?
If you are going to tune your car, there is a good chance you will need an Air Fuel Ratio gauge. The most common type of gauge you are going to find is a narrowband AFR gauge, which uses your car’s stock narrowband oxygen sensor for data if your vehicle has that sensor available. Narrowband gauges provide very general readouts on air to fuel mixtures without a lot of precision. In comparison to their counterpart, the wideband AFR gauge, they do not take readings with the same level of accuracy. Narrowband AFR gauges are essentially the first version of a gauge created for monitoring vehicle air to fuel ratios, with wideband AFR gauges being the modern version of that application. Though we recommend going with the wideband, you can ultimately decide which version is the best fit for your car or truck.

Optional Narrowband O2 Sensor
Adding the Narrowband Air/Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor allows you to install the gauge to your vehicle if it does not have an existing narrowband sensor. This oxygen sensor features a single green wire that attaches to the gauge’s green wire using the included butt connector and heat shrink, resulting in an easy and waterproof connection.

GlowShift Guarantee
GlowShift includes a one year limited warranty and lifetime tech support with every purchase.

What’s Included:
  • 2-1/16” (52mm) Gauge with Black Gauge Face and Magnified Tinted Lens
  • Color Coded Wire Harness Connects to Your Vehicle’s Narrowband Oxygen Sensor
  • Gauge Visor
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • One Year Limited Warranty
Gauge Features:
  • Displays Lean, Rich, and Optimal Air/Fuel Mixtures
  • 7 Color LED Through Dial Lighting with Color Recall Ability
  • 7 Solid Color Settings: Blue, Green, Red, Teal, Yellow, Purple & White
  • 2 Color Cycle Modes
  • Retains Last Color Setting
  • Dim Your Gauge 30% at Night
  • Gauge Depth Measures 1-5/16”
Narrowband Oxygen Sensor
Narrowband Oxygen Sensor
  • Allows Installation of Narrowband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge if Vehicle Does Not Have an Existing Sensor
  • Features M18 P-1.5 Thread & 16” of Wire with Connector
Tech Specs
Gauge Series: Tinted 7 Color Series
Brand: GlowShift
Gauge Type: Narrowband Air/Fuel Ratio
Range of Reading: Lean, Optimal, Rich
Face Color: Black
Size: 52mm
Lens: Tinted
Backlighting Color: 7 Colors
Sending Unit: Electronic
Measurement Unit: Standard
Display: Analog

Includes an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of GlowShift products.

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