10 Color Digital Dual Celsius Temperature & BAR Pressure Gauge


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GlowShift 10 Color Digital Series Dual Celsius Temperature and BAR Pressure Gauges combine both types of gauges into one. Monitor Transmission Temperature, Water Temp, Diff Temp or Oil Temp from 20° to 150° Celsius. At the same time take readings on Boost, Oil Pressure or Fuel Pressure from 0 to 9.99 BAR. This incredibly responsive gauge is electronically driven and features (2) customizable LED displays with bold, easy to read, quick glance digital numerical readouts. Included you’ll receive (2) 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Sensors, (2) 9’ Sensor Harnesses and more for installation.

10 Color Digital Series 10 Color Digital Series

The 10 Color Dual Digital Series features a flat black gauge face and low profile tinted lens with bright LED digital numerical readouts. Each gauge has an ultra-thin design with a depth of 1-1/16” (27mm) and display that measures 3/8” x 5/8” (9.5mm x 15.92mm). Experience 2 customizable displays with bold, easy to read, quick glance digital readouts. Users have the ability to set each of the displays with any combination of the featured 10 colors to quickly identify each reading. At startup, Self-Calibration Mode ensures the gauge is performing optimally. For easier viewing at night, connect the orange wire to the headlight switch source and the gauge will dim 50%.


10 Color Digital Series Features

10 Color Dual Digital Series Gauges are built to enhance the interior of your car or truck. On or off, the gauge will look incredible courtesy of the black gauge dial and tinted lens which are at the heart of this Series.

10 Color Options

10 Color Digital Series Color Options

The 10 available color options include Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Teal, Purple, Pink, Amber and Orange. 10 Color Cycle Mode and 10 Color Fade Mode both scroll through each of the available colors.


10 Color Digital Series Backlighting

LED backlighting results in a bright display that delivers clear and vivid readouts. Connect the orange wire from the power harness to the factory headlight switch to dim the gauge 50% when the headlights are on.

What's Included

  • 2-1/16” (52mm) Digital Dual Celsius Temperature & Bar Pressure Gauge
  • 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Temperature Sensor
  • 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Pressure Sensor
  • (2) 9’ Sensor Harnesses
  • 2’ Power Harness
  • Gauge Visor
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Bracket Hardware
  • Installation Instructions


10 Color Digital Dual Temp/Pressure Sensors

This dual digital pressure and temperature gauge comes with a 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Temperature Sensor and 1/8-27 NPT Electronic Pressure Sensor. Detailed instructions are provided that walk you through the install options. Your vehicle may not come equipped with the same thread size as the sensor and a thread adapter may be required for installation.


10 Color Digital Dual Temp/Pressure Wiring

A 2’ Power Harness and (2) 9’ Sensor Harnesses are provided that utilize Plug and Play Connectivity to easily snap into the modular connectors on the back of the gauge. The extended wire lengths give you added flexibility during installation.

Mounting Bracket

10 Color Digital Dual Temp Mounting Hardware

A Mounting Bracket is included with hardware which attaches the bracket to the back of the gauge for a secure fit in any vehicle’s in-dash mount. The bracket is U-shaped and made out of metal to be extremely durable.

Dual Digital Celsius Temp and BAR Pressure Combination Gauge Benefits

GlowShift Dual Digital Celsius Temperature and BAR Pressure Gauges deliver multiple monitoring options in one gauge. Choose from Water Temp, Transmission Temp, Oil Temp or Differential Temp settings for your Celsius temperature readings. Then select Boost, Oil Pressure or Fuel Pressure for your BAR pressure readings. The included electronic temperature and pressure sensors take care of all the hard work by keeping a close eye on changing temp and pressure levels, displaying whether they are running too high or too low.

Digital Dual Celsius Temperature and BAR Pressure Gauge Combo Readouts

Staying on top of coolant temperature ensures that it isn’t running too high which could lead to overheating and damage to the engine or radiator. Monitor transmission fluid temperature to protect against overheating. Proper oil temperature protects against harmful wear by alerting to any dips or spikes in oil temp. With diff temp readings you can keep an eye on the temperature of the gear oil in the rear differential. Make sure oil pressure levels remain optimal so that the bearings, crankshaft and other important engine parts are properly lubricated. Monitoring boost pressure is key for any vehicle running a turbo or supercharger. The right fuel pressure level in your car or truck helps to prevent damage to the fuel pump and injectors.

GlowShift Guarantee

GlowShift is your source for cutting-edge aftermarket automotive products specially designed for cars and trucks. Shop with confidence knowing that all purchases are backed by a One Year Limited Warranty and Free Lifetime Tech Support. You will also have access to an unrivaled customer support experience in the event you have any questions about our gauges, pods and accessories.

Tech Specs
Gauge Series: 10 Color Digital Series
Brand: GlowShift
Gauge Type: Boost
Gauge Type: Oil Pressure
Gauge Type: Fuel Pressure
Gauge Type: Water Temperature
Gauge Type: Oil Temperature
Gauge Type: Transmission Temperature
Gauge Type: Differential Temperature
Gauge Type: Combo
Range of Reading: 0 - 9.99 BAR
Range of Reading: 20 - 150° C
Face Color: Black
Size: 52mm
Lens: Tinted
Backlighting Color: 10 Colors
Sending Unit: Electronic
Measurement Unit: Metric
Display: Digital

Includes an installation guide which is available online and included with your order. You can also visit our library of installation videos which include complete step-by-step tutorials and useful tips on how to install a wide range of GlowShift products.

Download and Print the PDF PDF Instructions View Our Help Center Help Center